Curbside Pickup

A typical customer journey is that a customer visits your online store, find products he/she loves, add the products to the shopping cart and place the order, we cannot make any sales if customers fail to do so in each stage. Often, we focus on how to get more visitors and find the trending products, thus overlook the importance of checkout process, which causes shopping cart abandonment.

What is shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment refers to a phenomenon that customers decide not to purchase the products they add to the shopping cart, items in these customers’ shopping carts are considered as “abandoned” and a loss to the merchants. In other words, you can recover the loss by improving the checkout process.

According to Baymard Institute , about 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts. If your online store makes 12,000 monthly, 70% shopping cart abandonment means that you lose 28,000 (70% × 12,000 ∕ (100% - 70%)) per month. If you can reduce the cart abandonment rate to 60%, you can recover 4000 monthly, which is a huge gain.

Why does shopping cart abandonment occur

According to Baymard Institute , the most common reason of shopping cart abandonment is that they just browsing and have no purchase intention . The proper approach to convert these shoppers into buyers is to use other tactics, as they don’t even start the checkout journey. Therefore, you should focus on the potential buyers in the checkout process, not these visitors.

To find the root cause(s) of shopping cart abandonment for your buyers, the most effective way is to examine the checkout process yourself or with your friends, see if you can find any unpleasant element in the checkout process. If you still struggle with finding the root causes, these are some common root causes of shopping cart abandonment surveyed by Baymard Institute which may shed some light on it.

High extra cost

Usually, customers don't just pay the price of the products, there are some extra costs they need to pay as well. The most common extra cost is shipping cost which depends on the distance between your warehouse and customers’ addresses, it can be as expensive as the same price of the products customers purchased, especially when it involves international shipping.

Unfortunately, these extra costs are less obvious in nature, as these costs usually depend on where customers live, e.g. shipping fee and tax. Therefore, customers seldomly how much do they need to pay until they input their addresses and abandon the shopping carts when they find that these extra costs are too high.

Mandatory account creation

The second most voted reason of abandoning shopping carts is that online store asks shoppers to create an account during checkout process. When a shopper shows that purchase intention, merchants naturally want to turn more one-time customers into recurring customers so as to promote your products to the shopper in the future.

However, it sometimes scares the shoppers, they have concerns on the spam emails which merchants may send to them and personal information leakage. As a result, they decide to refuse to sign up and purchase the products elsewhere.

Long delivery time

Shipping is one of the most frustrated part of E-commerce, customers always want to get their merchandise as soon as possible, but the delivery speed is often limited by numerous factors, e.g. your shipping carriers, pandemic, global transportation issues, etc. On top of that, more and more enterprises provide customers express delivery, it raises shoppers’ expectation on delivery speed.

All these factors make customers become impatient if they cannot get their products quickly. Hence, customers will quit the checkout process when they see the long estimated time.

How to avoid shopping cart abandonment

Provide a faster local delivery solution

It is difficult to optimize international shipping, it is affected by many factors. When it comes to local delivery, we can allow customers “buy online, pick up in store”. It skips the shipping process, customers and merchants discuss the best time for customers to collect their orders. Because of no shipping process, customers can pick up the items as soon as the merchandises are ready and it saves customers’ shipping costs.

During pandemic, customers may prefer not to come to your store to keep social distance, curbside pickup is a variant of in-store pickup, which can still let your customers collect the orders offline.

How to recover your sales from abandoned shopping carts in Shopify

Even checkout process is optimized, there are still some shoppers abandon their shopping carts. Typically, they were too busy or forgot to checkout during the checkout process.

If you use Shopify to host your online store, you can find out the shoppers who abandon their shopping carts and send them a reminder email asking them to continue the checkout process.

Find shoppers who abandon shopping carts in Shopify

From your Shopify admin portal, navigate to “Orders” tab, select “Abandoned Checkouts”. You can see all checkout abandoned in your Shopify online store.

View abandoned checkout in Shopify

Send your shoppers a cart recovery email in Shopify

To recover your sales, you can send them a reminder email for the abandoned shopping cart.

you can select those abandoned checkouts and send them a cart recovery email by clicking “Send a cart recovery email”.

Send a cart recovery email in Shopify

Customize cart recovery email in Shopify

You can further customize the subject, body in the cart recovery email.

Customize cart recovery email in Shopify


Shopping cart abandonment is a common and frustrated phenomenon during checkout process, shoppers give up purchasing products from your online store and you lose sales. Lots of factors will make shoppers abandon their shopping carts, e.g. high extra cost, mandatory account creation and long delivery time, you can optimize your checkout process with our suggestions so that you can turn these shoppers into the most loyal customers.